Virtual Costume Contest

PRESENTED BY:  Rosa M. Arambula, City Clerk

The contest is open to City of Harvey families and children 13 and younger.

We will have 5 categories and 1 winner each. To enter, please fill the form below and attach a photo of your family or child. One entry per child and one per family.

    • Children 0 – 3 Years
    • Children 4 – 6 Years
    • Children 7 – 9 Years
    • Children 10 – 13 Years
    • Families

Deadline for entries: Monday, October 31st.

Once all entries are in, we will create a poll on our Facebook page with the top entries from each category for you to vote on!  Winners will be announced on November 2nd.


Children Prize:

    • Halloween Basket

Family Prize:

    • Gift Card


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