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The Harvey Community Foundation is designed to uplift, support, enhance and educate Harvey residents by improving their quality of life. 

Join our community building efforts in providing our residents with the highest levels of safety, education and financial opportunities so the residents can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.. Your support of the foundation is of great value to the community. All donations are 100 percent deductible. To contact the foundation, send an email to

"Under the leadership of Mayor Christopher Clark and the City Council, Harvey has recently taken pro-growth/development steps, not the least of which is the recent decision to ban liquor sales in the City after 12am. Through this and related initiatives, Harvey leadership has notified the development markets that the City is open for business to attract investment from world-class companies in a 21st Century business environment."
Reggie Greenwood
Reggie Greenwood
Executive Director - Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation

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