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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Harvey Police Department’s (HPD) online. We are excited to have you engaged and seeking additional insights about our Department and the men and women who take great pride in serving and protecting the City of Harvey. It is the department’s mission to safeguard the lives and property of Harvey, and we are privileged and honored to serve in this coveted role. All officers and employees of HPD serve with honor and integrity and meet the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We value community engagement and strive to maintain public trust and confidence. It is our collective goal to provide professional public safety services and ensure Harvey remains a safe community where people want to live, work, and visit.

Harvey’s Community policing Program will help to better manage safety in Harvey, while enabling citizens to have a voice in public safety management. The focus will be on building trust between citizens and law enforcement through mutual understanding and collaboration. The program will encourage and maintain partnerships between local police and first response teams, local government, non-profits and other organizations, small businesses, and most important of all, citizens.


   ”The Harvey Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of police service by empowering our officers and the community to work in partnership with the goal of improving quality of life and maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. All will be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, education, or economic status.”

Harvey Police Department Guiding Principles

  • PROFESSIONALISM – all HPD personnel will be proficient in the execution of all duties, including treating others well, giving respect, and maintaining skills.
  • INTEGRITY – all HPD personnel will engage in the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.
  • DEDICATION – all HPD personnel will be committed to ensuring that all residents and business owners feel that they have our unwavering support, devotion, and loyalty.
  • RESPECT – all HPD personnel will show due regard for the feelings, rights, and traditions of others.
  • LEADERSHIP – all HPD personnel will remain people of good character, exercise good judgment, take ownership for their responsibilities, and be ready to always lead.

Critical Policy and Procedures (Brief definition of each policy)

  1. Standards of Conduct Policy (Policy 321)
  2. Portable Audio/Video Recorders Policy (Policy 425)
  3. Use of Force Policy (Policy 300)
  4. Personnel Complaints (Policy 1010)


  1. Personnel Complaints (PDF fillable)
  2. Accident Report (Lexis Nexis fillable)
  3. Citation Payments (DACRA)
    1. Towing Information (Fine amounts)
    • W & W Towing: 14101 Leavitt, Dixmoor, IL 60406 – 708- 969-2159
    • Fair Towing & Recovery: 2718 W. 143rd Posen, IL 60469 – 708-388-3987

Law Enforcement Links

HPD Community Policing Program

The community policing program will help build key relations between law enforcement officials and the community through community events and regularly scheduled meetings. There will be increased dialog between HPD and the community on important issues, community service events such as toy drives, community emergency management programs, and other joint events. The police and citizens will work together to make sure public safety is a top priority for everyone.

Below you will find information on how to reach the HPD. We encourage you to contact the Department with any compliments, complaints, requests for information, or if you would like to learn more about joining HPD’s community policing program.

For all emergencies, please dial 911.

Harvey Police Department 

15301 Dixie Highway 

Harvey, IL, 60426

  • Chief of Police – Cameron Biddings –  Cbiddings@cityofharveyil.gov / 708-331-3030 Ext. 247
  • Deputy Chief of Police – Derrick Charles – Dcharles@cityofharveyil.gov / 708-331-3030 Ext. 234
  • Service Bureau Commander – Robin Bolde – Rbolde@cityofharveyil.gov 708-331-3030- Ext. 217
  • Patrol CommanderAntoine Anderson – Aanderson@cityofharveyil.gov 708-331-3030 Ext. 208
  • Chief’s Office Fax 708-825-1396
  • Harvey Records Division – 708-331-2131 Ext. 212
  • Emergency Dial 911
  • Non-Emergency 708-331-2131
  • CommandStaff@cityofharveyil.gov

Important Documents



The Harvey Fire Department administration consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and an Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary.  Collectively they are responsible for all aspects of the Fire Department with the Fire Chief being the head of the entire Department.

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively respond to fire and rescue incidents; whether they be man-made or naturally occurring. We provide services that protect and preserve the life and property of the citizens and visitors of the community and surrounding areas.

 The Harvey Fire Department’s Administration office is located at 15600 Center Ave (south end) and operates Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Any and all information concerning the Fire Department can be obtained at this office during business hours.  We can also be reached by telephone at (708) 331-7720.  

Department Structure:

Fire Chief Jason Bell
Deputy Fire Chief Willie Buie
Driver Engineers

Fire Stations:

We currently have (2) active Fire Stations with a third to be re-opened shortly.

Station #1        15600 Center Ave
Station#2         14651 Vincennes
Station#3         15248 Robey

Fire Suppression & Rescue Services

This is the Operational part of our Department as it relates to responding to Fire and all other Emergencies.  We currently have Auto-Aid agreements which gives us additional support when responding to Structure Fires or larger scale incidents. When the Public calls, we respond.  We are also responsible for Fire Protection for the Village of Dixmoor.

The Harvey Fire Department Emergency responses for 2018:

Structure Fires                            83
Vehicle Fires                               46
Brush/Grass Fires                      5
Rubbish/Dumpster Fires          33
Rescue Calls                              168
False Alarms                              428
Mutual Aid Given                       79
Hazmat Responses                  77
Other Hazardous Responses  77
All Other Responses                 252


Annual Hydrant Program

We are currently checking the over 1000 Fire Hydrants within the City and identifying which ones are inoperable.  Those identified as needing repair or replacement will be submitted to Water Department to be either replaced or repaired.  In addition, we will be painting all Hydrants RED to enhance the appearance.

Fire Prevention Bureau/Inspectional Services

Fire Prevention Bureau

These Divisions run hand in hand and are headed by Deputy Chief Willie Buie.  Our Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for educating the public.  Our motto is “an Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure”.  We offer these educational services by attending special events throughout the City including safety fairs, health fairs, block clubs and business invitations.  In addition to offering station tours, we also perform presentations for schools, churches, day cares and community organizations. 

Inspectional Services

In conjunction with the Building and Planning Department we conduct Business inspections to identify Fire hazards and ensure that Businesses are up to code and compliant, thus being safe for customers and patrons. 

Our division will also conduct residential inspections upon request to educate home owners on Fire safety, escape plans, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and any other information we deem beneficial for a safer environment. 

Fire Investigations/Arson Unit

This Division is headed by John Calhoun a 20 year veteran who volunteered to coordinate this division.  He leads all “Cause and Origin Fire investigations” and collaborates with H.P.D. if investigation leads to criminal charges of responsible parties.

Community Outreach

Our Department as a whole is committed to Community Outreach, and our signature program demonstrates this. 

Project Install

The Harvey Fire Department wants every citizen of this Community to have at least one working smoke alarm in their home.  If you DO NOT have a working smoke alarm and are not able to afford one, the Fire Department will provide and install one free of charge. For more information or to set up an appointment for installation, please call 708-331-7720 and ask about our “Project Install” free smoke alarm program.  IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!!!!!!

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Police Chief

Jason Bell

Fire Chief

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