Financial Capital

Harvey has the financial tools

Harvey has the financial tools to take your business to the next level.  Of course, not every project and not every business needs an economic development incentive.  On the other hand, sometimes that incentive can bolster your financial package, taking your project from good to great. The City can work with your financing team to help put together the capital stack needed to launch your project.



  • Business Districts – The City has established a Dixie Highway Business District and can target other districts for priority, in accordance with the State Process
  • Enterprise Zones – Cal Sag Enterprise Zone Map
  • Cook County Class 8 – Harvey often works with retailers and other businesses to provide Class 8 to manage property taxes following the County’s Class 8 Eligibility Guide
  • The Southland Reactivation Act – In 2022 the General Assembly adopted this New South Suburban Business Tool
  • Signage Incentives – On a case by case basis, the City will work with businesses to upgrade your storefront signs to beautify the business using these Signage Guidelines
  • Land Write-Downs – The City can work with you to keep your construction budget in line by offering attractively priced land from its portfolio of City Owned Property (Searchable)

Finally, the City of Harvey partners with regional organizations like the South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association, Southland Development Authority and others to customize incentive packages.

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